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Quality Datasets for Simulation, Material Models and Validation

The expertise of TECHSPERT lies at the intersection of mechanical testing and material science, with a strong link connecting mechanical test methods and experiments to finite element modeling.

In order to allow you to develop material models and part simulations that describe the mechanical behaviour under your specific conditions, quality custom datasets are needed as input. Working with material models requires the input of appropriate material properties extracted from experimental test data.

check Verification and Validation

Verification and validation are key steps in developing a reliable simulation model. When simulating materials or components behaviour it is important to check simulation accuracy against a real-life physical experiment or specific loading conditions.

TECHSPERT offers a broad range of test setups to best fit your validation needs. We specialize in designing custom test setups specific to mimic the stress state of your application. For more information about our testing capabilities please visit our mechanical testing page.


Application Example: Single Edge Notch Bending (SENB) simulation

Comparison between SENB simulation and actual physical experiment. Digital Image Correlation makes it possible to correlate the complete full-field strains during every loading step.

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