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Strategic Partners

At TECHSPERT, we are committed to use our experience and high level of service in providing the best testing solution to our customers. By establishing strong links with strategic partners and suppliers we can deliver an efficient experience for our customers.

Ghent University composites research group – part of the department of materials, textiles and chemical engineering – was involved and supported the foundation of TECHSPERT based on the extensive knowledge and over 25 years of experience in composite material modeling and mechanical testing. TECHSPERT was founded as Ghent University Spin-Off company.

COM&SENS (Composites & Sensing) is specialized in applying fibre optic sensors to monitor composite structures. Monitoring in this, means using the response of the (embedded) sensors to judge on the quality of the component during processing of the material or the structure’s integrity during its operation.
ZSystems offers application ready platforms for various automation solutions such as motion control, embedded systems and others industrial automation applications.