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The Right Test for Your Application

TECHSPERT offers premium expert testing services, analysis and custom solutions for your industry and application. Our testing and material data expertise will give your business the support you need to expedite product development, increasing product performance and quality.

check Automotive

Automotive products need to be safe and strong. TECHSPERT helps characterizing the durability of materials and parts, designing specific test methods for key areas of product development. Our services cover a wide range of performance evaluation on different types of materials. Working with our leading experts enables our clients to validate certainty and confidence in their products.

check Aerospace

As the aerospace sector continues to push the performance of materials and components, TECHSPERT testing services provide innovative and reliable static and fatigue testing solutions on materials varying from base metal alloys to advanced reinforced composites. With no room for error, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs.

check Wind Energy

Wind turbines represent one of the most exciting segments of the fast growing energy market. Design optimization of turbine blades requires a wide range of mechanical, joints and fracture toughness properties to ben known. TECHSPERT assists in characterizing advanced composite materials and adhesive joints used in wind turbine assemblies.

check Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is the cutting edge of materials science. Our diverse background in materials and testing allows us to troubleshoot the unforeseen challenges inherent with your additive manufactured components. TECHSPERT assists in material qualification and perform mechanical testing to support your quality needs.

check Sporting Goods

Winning brands need to ensure their product performance stays on track with an ever-changing competitive landscape. From design to game time, TECHSPERT assist in testing and characterizing sporting goods needed to provide winning products.

check Consumer Products

Consumer-oriented products need to be continuously controlled for quality, reliability and safety. The goal of TECHSPERT expertise is to facilitate the market launch of products, boost their value and safety. Testing services we carry out lay the groundwork for obtaining any certifications of conformity to national and international regulatory standards.